Bal Gopal Krishna

Bal Gopal Krishna

Bal Gopal Krishna – If Bal Gopal Krishna is in the temple of your house, these rules should be followed then:

  1. If Bal Gopal is sitting in your temple then you have to bath him daily. Apart from this, you have to offer Makhan Mishri daily to him. Along with this, there should be peacock feathers in the house.
  2. It has to be kept in mind that the room in which Laddu Gopal is sitting, i.e, the room where his temple is, should not be closed.
  3. If you have to go out of the house for some work then you should hand over the key of the house to Bal Gopal Krishna.
  4. Those keeping Bal gopal should renounce vengeful things.
  5. Bath, makeup, worship, prayer, indulgence, and sleeping of Bal gopal should be done daily.

Bal Gopal Krishna

The most important thing is that Laddoo is a child form of Gopal Shri Krishna God, so just as a mother is loving towards the child, you also have to have that love, only then you will get good fruits, not just by thinking of idol or Thakur ji but keep it Understand that Bal Gopal is present in our house and whenever you are involved in any special Mars work, take Bal Gopal along with you too.

Bal Gopal Krishna

Why is Lord Krishna called Laddu Gopal?

Once Thakur ji had laddoos in one hand and laddus in the other hand, he was rooted out. When he was seen by a devotee Kumbhandas. Since then he is worshiped in this form and he came to be called ‘Laddu Gopal’ .. !!

Did the Statue of Banke Bihari temple, which is very lovely, really manifest itself from the ground?

The manifestation of things from the ground itself is against the rules of nature created by God. People spread such things in the name of faith.

You may feel bad about me, but things cannot appear from the ground. God has made some rules for the world, the world has to follow the same rules. The removal of the idol from the earth is against God’s law.

Faith does not mean that you will make any story and tell it to everyone.

Some pictures of bal gopal krishna :

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