Does God exist?


Does God Exist? So my answer is as there is life, there is death, there is world, there is sun, there is moon, so is God. It takes a moment for an atheist to become a believer. He momentarily turns both the direction and the direction of life.

I have seen many people who claim that there is no god, and only such people continue to sing the Lord’s glory all the time when they follow the path of devotion. Let me explain this story of Does God Exist?

A man named Deendayal lived in a small street in the city. He used to run a medical store. The man was well aware of all medicines, because of his experience of eight-ten years, he knew very well which medicines were kept where?

He used to do this business with great passion and loyalty. His shop was always full with crowd, he used to give medicines to customers very carefully. But he had no faith in God. He was an atheist, irritated by the name of God. The family members used to explain a lot to him, but he nevers listen to them.

He used to play cards in the house or shop with his friends when he got free time. One day his friends came to the shop to inquire about his condition and suddenly it started raining very hard, due to the rain there was no one in the shop. Friends started playing cards together.

Moving Further on story of Does God Exist?

Just then, a little boy brought a prescription to his shop. His whole body was wet. Deendayal was so happy playing cards that he could not see the boy coming in the rain.

While chilling with a cold, the boy said, “Sir, I want these medicines, my mother is very sick.” All the shops outside are closed due to rain. Seeing your shop, I was convinced that my mother will be saved. This medicine is very important for them.

Meanwhile, the light also went away and all friends started going. The rain had also stopped a bit, Deendayal took the prescription of the medicine while playing the card on hearing the boy’s call, and woke up to give the medicine, due to which he was not being able to complete the card game. He quickly took out that medicine bottle and gave it to the boy without checking the label.

The boy happily went away with the medicine bottle. Deendayal was thinking of closing the shop early. After a while the light came on and he was stunned to see that the medicine which he had given to the boy, was a rat poison that was returned by one of his customers shortly before. So, he kept that, among other medicines, thinking that after playing the card, he would put it back in its place.

Now his heart started beating loudly. As if his ten-year-old righteousness was eclipsed. Thinking about that boy, he started to suffer. Thought if he gave this medicine to his sick mother, she would surely die.

More about Does God Exist?

The boy, being too young, would not even know to read that medicine. One moment he started cursing his mistake and decided to give up his habit of playing cards, but this thing will be seen later. What should be done now? He did not even know the whereabouts of that boy.

How to save that sick mother? How true was the faith in that boy’s eyes. Deendayal was not able to understand anything.

Panic and restlessness surrounded him. In panic, he started to look around. For the first time, his vision was found in the corner of the wall, where his father stubbornly put the picture of Lord Krishna at the inauguration of the shop, one day in an argument with the father, he asked Deendayal to consider God as at least one of the powers. And prayed to worship.

Remembering his Father Words

His father said that there is great power in devotion to God, and God is prevalent everywhere and always inspires us to do good works. Deendayal started to remember all these things. Today he wanted to try this amazing power. He saw his father doing Pray many times by folding it in front of the picture of God.

He also saw the picture of that dusty Lord Krishna placed in the corner of the room for the first time today and closed his eyes and stood there with both hands folded.

After a while, that little boy came to the shop again. Deendayal started sweating. He became very impatient. Wiping the sweat, he said- What’s the matter son !! What do you want.

The boy’s eyes started watering and said- Sir, I was running with medicine bottle in hand, and due to rain, there was water in the yard and I slipped. The medicine bottle fell and broke.

Can you give me another bottle of the same medicine, Sir? Yes! Yes ! Why not? Deendayal said taking a sigh of relief. Take this medicine! But the boy said, taking the medicine bottle, but I do not have the money, the boy said hesitantly.

Deendayal took pity on that poor fellow. Never mind, take this medicine and save your mother. Go fast. The boy walked away happily saying Thankyou Sir.

Believe in God

Now Deendayal came to life. Thanking God, he took that dusty picture with his hands and wiped it with his chest.

He wanted to narrate this change within himself to his family members. Quickly closing the shop, he left for home. Even the dark night of his atheism had passed and the new dawn of faith was waiting for a new Deendayal.

So it’s just a belief, your will power that you want to find? If you want to search and take a step in this direction, then he definitely shows his way by taking hundred steps. If he doesn’t want to be searched so he will never tell the way of their union.

A sensible person benefits from every situation, analyzes and makes senseless loss from every situation. The devotee never gets to God, it is not right. There comes a moment when the devotee met with God.


This is all about Does God Exist. You just need to be calm and believe in him, for sure he will help you in your difficult times. As said, There is no darkness in God’s house, you just need to maintain trust in him.

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