Who is the Founder of TikTok?


Founder Of TikTok. TikTok , the app which is continuously facing the ups and downs to due to new controversies. The latest controversy was TikTok Vs YouTube.

Most of the people have stood against TikTok in this controversy. But still there are no chances of Ban on this till now.

So, one thing that comes to everyone’s mind is Who has made TikTok or Who is the founder of TikTok. Today, we will provide you each and every detail of Founder of TikTok . So let’s start with the introduction.


In today’s day, an app named TikTok is in the trend, in which everyone from the young generation to the old is making videos and becoming popular with it. But do you know the whole story about this app, how was it made, how was it named TikTok?

If you are hearing the name of this app for the first time, then a question must be arising in your mind that. What is TikTok and who is the Founder of TikTok?

Do you know that this app is temporarily banned in Indonesia? In Tamil Nadu, an attempt was made to ban it, but the youths are very interested in it, due to which the ban could not be done.

TikTok is a social media app that provides facility to create and share short mobile videos. This is a social media platform where you can connect with people. In addition to video chatting, you can create different types of videos here.

What are the benefits of using TikTok?

Do you know that you can achieve a lot by using TikTok? This app have become so popular in the world that it is becoming the best platform to show your skills / art to any person. People have started using this app, more than Facebook.

By using this platform, you can present your art to the whole world. Most of the people in the world have different arts in different fields. So, to display that art we need a platform where we can reach people to showcase their art.

But people from small countries are not able to go to big cities, due to which they keep their art to themselves. But now you can present your art in front of the world from your home.

Today TikTok has become 75 billion dollar app. But do you know when and how it started? In this post I will tell you the full story of TikTok.

Let’s see who is the founder of TikTok?

In 2014 two old friends ALEX ZHU and LUYU YANG thought of making an educational app. At that time, whatever video content was made on education was of long content. That’s why, Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang thought to cover the educational content in short video so that people can get education easily.

For this, they invested 2.5 Lakh dollars along with their team, and prepared this product within 6 months. But when this product was launched in the market, it flopped completely. Because people were not getting the complete educational content in the short video.

One day Alex was traveling in the train and he was thinking a lot, then his eyes went towards a young boy sitting in the train, who was taking his selfies, making videos and sharing with his friends.

This brought an idea in his mind that why not such a social media platform should be made where there is a combination of music, and video.

One of his motives was that whatever content will be made, it will be of short length because people do not like to watch and listen to big content.

Moving on to TikTok

Now he did not want to invest much in his experiment, so he created an app in which he made available all the tools related to making videos.

In this, he gave an option so that both creators and viewers can relate together. You must have seen a lot of videos on TikTok in which two people together make videos in different designs.

In 2014 he launched an app named musical.ly. All the above mentioned features were added in this app. This apps started running but it was not trending. Then they thought of adding some new features.

They were once watching Lips Sync Battle on TV in which music is playing in the background and people move their lips according to that music. He added this features to his app and his musical.ly app started trending fast.

But he saw that when people share videos on social media, their logo gets hidden due to which their app is not advertised. Then they thought of putting their logo inside the video which started promoting their app and started trending also.

How did musical.ly app Name replaced?

In November 2017, a Chinese company named ByteDance bought musical.ly for 1 billion dollar. Whenever a company buys a product, it changes its name by adding extra features to it. Similarly, ByteDance added some extra features to it and named it TikTok from musical.ly.


Those who have never failed in the world, they cannot fully know about the world and those who have failed have understood the world well. Success is failure means failure is the only success.

If earlier their educational product have not faced difficulties in the market, then today they would not be able to think about this app. So it is said that what happens is for good (which happens actually happens for good).

I hope you liked this post. In this post, you have received a lot of information related to Founder of TikTok.

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