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Friendship Memory Quotes

Friendship Quotes 1

True friendship is not what one gets with everyone, true friendship is one that feels like having.

Friendship Quotes 2

Some people say that friendship should be done with equal people,
But we say that there should be no equal in friendship.

Friendship Quotes 3

Experience says that a loyal friend is Better than a thousand relatives…

Friendship Quotes 4

People are mad in love and we are in friendship ..!

Friendship Quotes 5

Be indebted and loyal to those who give their time for you!
Because Karna was also aware of the consequences…
But the point was to maintain friendship!

Friendship Quotes 6

Years later, went to the college canteen,
The tea person asked what would come with the tea,
I said those old friends !!

Friendship Quotes 7

Not every prayer is accepted, every prayer is not complete,
Who have friends like you in their heart,
Even Heart Beats are not necessary for them ..

Friendship Quotes 8
Friendship Quotes 9

Believe in friends, true friends are like god

Friendship Quotes 10

One thing to remember… everyone Don’t get annoying friends…

Memories Quotes Friends

Friendship Memory Quotes 11

What was that childhood too
When just by adding 2 fingers
Friendship used to happen ..

Friendship Memory Quotes 12

Sometimes we see our Bestie & Think that to whom he will get married…. What will happen to her!!

Memories With Friends Quotes 13

Some friends are not just friends They Are better than our loved ones…

Memories With Friends Quotes 14

Walking in the dark with a friend, It is much better than walking in the light alone !!

Memories With Friends Quotes 15

We also have very special lines… That is why we have a friend like you… !!

Memories With Friends Quotes 16

Do not count in friendship, Who committed what crime .. Friendship is an addiction, Whatever you did and I did too ..

Memories With Friends Quotes 17

Friends are not just friends.. Must also be a charioteer.

Memories With Friends Quotes 18

“Friendship is always formed between ” two “… Like you and us… ..

Friends Memories Quotes

Memories With Friends Quotes 19

Whenever pages of Old friendship are overturn I Miss the story of our Childhood Friendship

Memories With Friends Quotes 20

The question is of water not of thirst,,,,, The question is not about death, but of breath….There are many Friends in the world…..But the question is not about friendship but trust

Memories With Friends Quotes 21

There is no rule in friendship of friends… And to teach this, there is no school

Memories With Friends Quotes 22

Earlier, 11 friends used to collect money for a leather ball of 20 rupees,…Today I can bring the ball alone, but 11 friends do not gather!

We were just like any coal,,,,Found friends whose friendship made us diamond…

Friend-friend is inscribed in friendship…A feeling of friendship occurs when parting with a friend.

Of course we got a little wait,,,,But we got the world’s best friend

Some friends in life became close,,,Some settle in the heart, others settle in the eyes
Some friends went on to fall apart
But those who did not go from the heart became you,

Friendship Memory Quotes

Have a wish
Live with you friend
Otherwise we know too
That to die is alone…

For your friendship
Can break my heart
But for your heart
Can not break your friendship

He is not only my
Best friend
but means the world to me

Dear best friend
Moments near to the heart
You live


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