PUBG VS Call of Duty

PUBG VS Call of Duty

PUBG VS Call of Duty. The best games that has different players and audiences. Call of Duty is the best and awesome first party shooting game. Gamers are so much crazy for this game. At the same time, PUBG Mobile,which was launched in 2017, has also gained worldwide popularity as an FPS first party shooting game.

Call of Duty has also been recently launched for smartphone users, which is named Call of Duty Mobile. This online multi-player game is directly contested with PUBG Mobile. What are the different features and similarities in these two games? Let’s check that out


DifferencePUBGCall of Duty
MapsErangel, Vikendi, Sanhok, Miramar, KarakinArklov Peak, Azhir Cave, Azhir Cave (Night), Euphrates, Bridge, Grazna Raid, Gun Runner, Gun Runner (Night), Hackney Yard, Hackney Yard (Night), Piccadilly, Rammaza, Rammaza (Night), St. Petrograd, Shoot House
Weapons26 weapons (AKM, UMP, DP, UZI, SCAR-L, M416, VECTOR, GROZA, SLR, M24, KAR98, MINI4, S12K, S686, P18C, M249, M16A4, VSS, R1895, P1911, P92, S1897, TOMMY, MK47, SKS, AWM) and many more…..FR 556, M4A1, Kilo 141, FAL, Ram-7, M13, AK-47, ODEN, FN SCAR 17, MP7, MP5, UZI, AUG, P90, AX-50, HDR, SA87, KAR98K, RPG-7
VehiclesBuggy, UAZ (Open Top), UAZ (Closed Top), Sidecar Motorcycle, Motorcycle, Dacia 1300, PG-117 (Water)ATV, Tactical Rover, SUV, Cargo Truck, Helicopter


The gameplay of any online or offline game depends on its visual quality. In particular, the better the visuals of first party shooting and battle games, the better is its game play. PUBG Mobile is known only for its visual quality, its visual quality has been made better than many battle games.

At the same time, the visual quality of Call of Duty Mobile can also surprise you. Its texture has been given a lot of crisp in which you get an experience like playing games on PC. It has V-sync capability which stabilizes the gaming experience of this FPS game and provides better gaming experience.


Talking about the gameplay of PUBG VS Call of Duty, PUBG Mobile gets better gameplay elements and better control. At the same time, in Call of Duty Mobile, you get many experiences ranging from Call of Duty: Battle Royal Mode of Black Ops 4.

PUBG Mobile can prove to be better in terms of game play, in addition to new maps and weapons, you also get modes. In Call of Duty Mobile, players can use gliders when jumping from a height. Apart from this, Hit Detector has also been given to shoot the target. In PUBG Mobile, all the elements can be used together better.


In Call of Duty Mobile, you get better activity than PUBG Mobile. In Call of Duty, you are given better Battle Royal mode and multiplayer mode in which classic styles like Face for All are given. We can say that the battle in Call of Duty Mobile can greatly affect the Royal Mode players.

In PUBG Mobile you will find zombies, helicopters and other movement options. In Call of Duty Mobile, you get many in-game content such as screens and items that are not given in PUBG Mobile.


With all the features listed above, we come to a conclusion that there is no answer for the question: PUBG vs Call of Duty which is the best.

The right question to ask when it comes to PUBG VS COD comparison is that: which game is more is more suitable for your phone, or which game you loves more.

If you have a great smartphone with smooth touchscreen and 4GB of RAM or more, download PUBG now, but if your phone is not have that much of space, we do recommend Call of Duty for a smooth gaming experience.

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