sanitizer banane ki vidhi

Sanitizer Banane Ki Vidhi

Sanitizer banane ki vidhi– Today we will provide you the best way to create sanitizer at home in just 5 minutes.

Nowadays, using a Sanitizer is very essential daily routine, so we are here to provide you the original tactics of

Sanitizer banane ki vidhi.

Step -1) Take the 50 grams of Neem Leaves.

Step -2) Then, take 2 Aloevera Pieces.

Step -3) Collect 15 pieces of Tulsi Leaves.

Step -4) 2 pieces of Kapur are must for creating a sanitizer.

Step -5) Now, take 50gm Fitkari.

After gathering all the materials, extract the gel from both of the Aloevera pieces with the help of a knife and put it in a bowl.

Step -6) Add water in a bowl and blend that in a grinder.

Step -7) Now take, another bowl of water and add Neem leaves and Tulsi leaves in that.

Step -8) After that, add that blended Aloevera Gel in the bowl which contains Neem and Tulsi leaves.

Step -9) Put the bowl on the gas stove and start boiling it for 5 minutes.

Step -10) After that, break that 50gm Fitkari into pieces and add it to the boiled mixture along with the Kapur pieces.

Step -11) Mix the boiled solution well and guess what you are ready with your Sanitizer.

Step -12) Pour it in the bottle and use it for your daily purposes.

This is the easy and best way to create a sanitizer at home. It will cost you less and take only 5 minutes to make.


Sanitizer Banane Ki Vidhi is so much simple, that anyone can build this in his/her home, and it is natural also. So there are no harmful effects of this sanitizer.

It will surely protect your hands from the Covid-19 germs, so just start using it and be Corona Free.

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