Top 10 YouTubers in India

Top 10 YouTubers in India. The stats for the top ranking YouTubers in India are totally changed now. Till last month, Amit Bhadana was leading in this race, but now according to latest reports by YouTube.

Amit Bhadana is not more on the top of this list. Today we will let you the know the Best 10 YouTubers in India in 2020. So, whom do you think, would be ranking on top and who is on the 10th number.

We have researched a lot and finally made a list of Individual Indian YouTubers. As per the other websites, Bhuvam Bam’s Channel “BB ki Vines” is ranking on top, but these stats were true in 2017 not in 2020.

The way YouTube India has grown in the last few years is really amazing, although the growth is not only of YouTube but also of its YouTube creators. This whole process can be seen simply with the videos Engagements and subscribers.

So, now coming to the main topic.

Top 10 YouTubers in India

(1) CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar)

CarryMinati has done many wonders in the past, recently he has broken the records of YouTube history. 21 year old boy Ajey Nagar who is famous by the name of CarryMinati, made his career at stake to make videos on YouTube.

Today he is on the top of YouTube ranking. Till April 2020, his subscriber count was around 10 million. But in the month of May-June his subscribers count really got an hike and with around 21.2 million subscribers, now CarryMinati has become the Top Indian YouTuber.

His last roast video in May 2020 “The End” which was based on TikTok vs YouTube controversy broke all records in India. That video got 2 million likes in just 2 hours and after that it crossed the mark of most liked video on YouTube by surpassing Filhaal Song. But that video was taken down by YouTube on 15 May, 2020 due to YouTube policy violations.

But recently, CarryMinati released a Diss Track again based on that controversy “Yalgaar”. This track is getting a tremendous amount of support from all over India. Also, Yalgaar has again become the most liked video on YouTube with 9 million likes. His another YouTube channel “Carry is Live” has subscriber count of around 5.53 million, where he usually play games like PUBG etc.

Moving on to the second YouTuber.

(2) Amit Bhadana

Unique way of speaking and Haryanvi accent can be seen only in Amit Bhadan’s video. Amit Bhadana is one of the Top 10 YouTubers in India. Since childhood Amit was not fond of studies and he was a kind of jolly person. So, Amit took this Jolly nature as a career and today results are in front of you.

Till last week, Amit was the Top YouTuber in India, but 3 days ago CarryMinati crossed him and become the No 1 YouTuber in India. Amit has a subscribers count of around 20.4 million on YouTube.

Although Amit has achieved many records in YouTube history, but the most important thing is, after a few moments of Bhuvan Bam crossing the 10 million subscribers, Amit Bhadana also made this figure crossed and became the second Indian Creator to get a Diamond Play Button.

(3) Ashish Chanchlani

Ashish Chanchlani is one of the Top 10 YouTubers in India . He was passionate for acting and comedy since childhood. But when he started getting good response on YouTube, he made it his career and his decision was life changing for him and today he is not less than a celebrity.

Ashish is famous for his comedy timings and satire dialogues. With subscribers count of around 18.6 million Ashish Chanchlani is on the third number in this list. On instagram he has around 7.2 million followers. Along with this, Ashish has performed with many bollywood celebrities also including Akshay Kumar, Shahid Kapoor etc.

Currently, Ashish is in the headlines for his growing beard in this lockdown period.

(4) Bhuvam Bam (BB ki Vines)

Bhuvan Bam is one of the top 10 YouTubers in India. He is famous for performing different roles in his channel “BB ki Vines”. He has around 17.9 million subscribers on YouTube. Along with his acting skills, he also loves to sing romantic songs for his fans.

Recently Bhuvam has released a new “Titu Talks episode” via which he is helping the needy ones by providig them food and necessary items.

In 2017 he was the Top YouTuber in India, along with this, he was the first one to receive Diamond Play Button from YouTube. But somehow other creators have managed to surpass him in this race. But still according to his fans, he is the best entertaining YouTuber in India.

Like Ashish Chanchlani he also performed with many Bollywood actors like Shahrukh Khan, Karan Johar etc. He is the only one Indian creator who has taken the interview of Johnny Sins.

(5) Technical Guruji

There is no doubt that Technical Guruji’s name comes out first when it comes to tech in the YouTube space. He is one of the best YouTuber in terms of tech and he is the only Tech YouTuber who has Diamond Play Button. Today, Technical Guruji has around 17.1 million subscribers on YouTube.

He is the second largest tech YouTuber in the world and the way his subscribers are growing that day is not too far, when he will be the world’s number 1 Tech YoutTuber.

Earlier Gaurav Chaudhary has opened this channel as a hobby. But even today, he still manages his business along with his videos, but perhaps he did not even know that in the future, his channel will grow like this. Gaurav Chaudhary, through his YouTube channel Technical Guruji, has played an important role in explaining the difficult technical terms very easily to the people.

But now most of his videos are often seen in the trending section, which shows the success of his YouTube career quite well. Apart from Technical Guruji , he is managing other channel also named Gaurav Chaudhary which has around 3.49 million subscribers.

(6) Sandeep Maheshwari


Sandeep Maheshwari has a subscriber count of around 15.1 million on YouTube. You must have seen him in motivational videos, and he is one of the best Motivational Speaker in the World.

Sandeep Maheshwari is a successful businessman and motivational speaker who motivates and inspires the common man with his videos. Despite it, he never monetized his channel when he was asked about this, he gave only one answer. He created this channel to bring change in the lives of others and not to make money.

(7) Round2Hell

There is no doubt that all three friends have worked very hard to bring this channel to this stage, these three friends started the channel in 2016. In the initial times, they had to face the large amount of demotivation but it is worth said that hard work never goes bad, when hard work is done with dedication, success is sure and Nazim, Wasim, and Zayn has shown this by proving all this.

Because 13.7 million subscribers on this channel today shows how much success they have achieved through their comedy videos.

(8) FactTechz


Rajesh Kumar is the owner of the channel FactTechz with subscribers of around 13.6 million he is one of the Top 10 YouTubers in India.

He usually tells about different facts in his videos. It is also not wrong to say that this channel has a big role in increasing the trend of Amazing Facts related videos in India.

FactTechz is the India’s no 1 YouTube channel in terms of Facts and Knowledge terms.

(9) Dr. Vivek Bindra

Dr. Vivek Bindra Motivational Speaker, even if you have a little interest in business and entrepreneurship, it would hardly happen that you have not seen the videos of Dr. Vivek Bindra. Because in today’s world only he is the one who is making videos related to Business and Entrepreneurship in Hindi language.

And from past 2-3 years, people have given him so much of love that he has completed a mark of around 12.6 million subscribers on his channel.

Dr. Vivek Bindra uploads a lot of business related videos on his channel which helps small and new businessmen.
Along with helping them a lot, his motivational videos are also very powerful that motivates you completely.

(10) Emiway Bantai

Emiway Bantai is the one who has received a lot of love from public after his few hit songs. So his channel has also got a lot of growth in a few years and due to this, today his channel has around 11.1 million subscribers.

Emiway Bantai suffered a lot of criticism and he was once rejected in India’s Got Talent and today, Legends like Honey Singh etc, are appreciating the work of Eniway and I hope that many of you must have heard the songs of Emiway Bantai at least once.


This is all about Top 10 YouTubers in India. I hope you liked it. This whole content is based on YouTube Latest Reports. Share this if you agree with the rankings.

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