When Will Coronavirus End in India?

When Will Coronavirus End In India? Efforts are on to normalize the situation in the country against the ongoing fight for the corona virus. But one question is on everyone’s tongue, when will coronavirus be over?

When Will Coronavirus End In India

Now the answer has been found. Experts in the Ministry of Health have concluded on the basis of a mathematical model that the corona virus in India will end by mid-September. These health scientists claim that this will be the peak of the corona virus when the number of cured patients in India and those who lost their lives due to corona virus will reach the same number of active patients.

After this, the number of patients will decrease rapidly and by the middle of September, Corona will start becoming weak in India.

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Corona’s latest status in India (Covid-19 Data in India)

There are currently 585K confirmed cases in India. That is, so many patients are being treated in different hospitals of the country.

At the same time, 348K patients have been discharged from the hospital. The death toll is 17,400. This calculation has been done by Deputy Director General Dilip Kumar and Deepti Assistant Director Rupali Rai in the Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health.

His study has been published in Science magazine Epidemiology International.

This is how When Will Coronavirus End?

Both experts have used ballet mathematical models to estimate the corona virus status in India. Under this model, the conclusion of the disease is concluded on the basis of active and cured patients.

This model works on the basis that as long as a patient is infected, it can infect new people. In such a situation, once the total number of people who have recovered and lost lives exceeds the number of active patients, the infection starts to slow down.

Both scientists have said in their analysis that the epidemic started in India on 2 March and cases have been increasing since then. According to their study, the total number of people who have recovered and lost their lives by the middle of September will reach the equivalent of active patients.

Since then the outbreak of the epidemic will reduce. However, weather and ground conditions (eg migration of migrant laborers) also matter in these mathematics.

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